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Join the intense warfare with multi-touch fire: Operation wow

Operation Wow will take you to your good old childhood days of gaming. Operation Wow is a fast paced intense warfare game from Ivanovich Games which features 2-D side scrolling environment .In the game you play as first person shooter and take down all enemies that come on your way.
When you start the game you will be greeted with an intro animations and a Game Station kind of menu which features the game menu with various game modes, options and tutorial.You will like the feel of the menu and its unique design
The game includes various characters including enemies like soldiers, tanks, choppers, ninja’s and innocent people like girls in swimming costume, kids, patients, nurses, old man and few more. The aim of the game is to kill all enemies while save the innocent people.
You get limited ammo in each level which makes the game even more challenging. You need to collect ammo and grenades from hidden locations and creatures which carry them. Like a pig and a duck carry grenades while a bird, coconuts and ammo boxes have bullets.
The controls of the game are pretty simple which make the game even exciting and addicting. To fire you just need to tap on the enemy, while throwing a grenade involves a swipe gesture in the direction of enemy. The game includes multitouch fire within the game play, which would possibly allow you up to 20 fire rounds if you used all your fingers on your body . Controls work smooth even in mutitouch.
The game concept, design and usability together make it a fantastic game which can be played for hours together. The game also includes few other mini games, so you can have some fun shooting meat in your leisure time or test your target at target board. The game can be played in Easy, Normal and hard difficulty modes which makes it suitable for different age groups and moods. You can share your scores and achievements with your friends with Game center and also challenge your buddies to chase your high score.
Overall the game is a pure fun and recommended for download considering its low price for a limited time .
Screenshots from the game :