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Keru Pocket Pouch for iPhone 4

The Keru Pocket Pouch is for anyone looking for a slim, stylish pouch for iPhone 4. Its super trim form will fit nicely in your pocket and the designer print will make you look good.
The biggest appeal of the Keru Pocket Pouch is how slim it is. Your iPhone will fit perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that without the pull ribbon, it would be too difficult to remove your iPhone from the case. Only a small portion of the iPhone is exposed on the top, and the case hugs it in a way to prevent your iPhone from being bumped or removed by hand. Only about 1 inch of ribbon sticks out of the case for quick and easy removal.
The exterior of the case is made from leather and is designed using a process that allows museum quality prints without sacrificing any of the performance. The interior is lined with a felt material that is mediocrely soft. I’m not worried about scratches, but it’s probably the least soft liner I’ve felt on a case.
The Keru Pocket Pouch is available in five different designs (both girly and manly).


  • Super slim
  • Fashionable design
  • Leather
  • Draw string for easy removal


  • Liner isn’t very soft