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LastPass password manager debuts on Mac w/ offline support and more

LastPass Mac

Smart password and security techniques are becoming increasingly important in our digital lives as new hacks seem to appear all the time, and having a unique and secure password helps ensure that your online identity is safe in the event of such a compromise.

LastPass, a cross platform secure digital vault app, is helping Mac users tackle the password management problem with the debut of its new Mac app. Previously only available for Mac as a browser extension and web portal, the new LastPass for Mac app brings new features to the desktop including quick search, security check, and more.

Like other password management apps, LastPass features a secure digital vault for storing login information, credit card and bank information, secure notes, and more.

Aside from storing information you already have, LastPass can help you make unique and secure passwords for use online rather than relying on the same passwords for each service. LastPass’s password generate feature allows you to set perimeters like allowing numbers and special characters, password length, and password complexity.

LastPass Mac

LastPass for Mac also includes the security check feature, which it describes as “giving users an up-to-the-minute status on the strength of their passwords, eliminating the question – ‘Are all my passwords strong enough?’” This especially helps if you’ve created your own passwords, but want to feel assured that they’re as strong as they should be.

LastPass Mac

LastPass for Mac also adds access to your vault without relying on a connection to the Internet as the native app supports offline use, and finding your password in the moment is much faster with universal keyboard shortcuts for search which allow you to pin point the right password from anywhere on your Mac.

LastPass is rolling out for free on the Mac App Store, and mobile users can pick up LastPass for iPhone and iPad for free from with App Store with an annual subscription of $11.99 to remove ads, include technical support, and add multi-factor authorization. You can also access LastPass through the web and grab the Safari extension here.