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Learn New Magic Tricks On The Go With Book Of Magic iPhone App

Finding yourself surprised after every magic show performance is acceptable for anyone. Everyone loves watching magic shows, so do I. The reason I love watching magic shows is the mystery each performance holds in it. Every time I watch a performance I keep wondering how what the magician did it. For everyone out there who would like to know how magicians perform different magic’s “Book of Magic” is a great tutorial. With the ease of your iPhone you can now learn magic anywhere without having to read books and remind yourself about TV shows on a particular date.
With Book of Magic you can watch a wide variety of magic performances directly on your iPhone. You can select the type of magic you wish to watch or learn by category, complexity and showiness. The Categories used are Cards , Romantic , Mental , Money , Rubber band , bar and few more . But if you are willing to buy this app to just learn magic you should follow the magic performances by complexity where you have an easy option to progress through easy , simple and advanced magic types . You can also try magic’s based on showiness choosing from super, stunning and interesting options within.
You can surf through the list of over 60 different magic’s shown in the app and select anyone to go to their individual magic screen where you can watch the video directly by streaming it on your device or can download it for future reference, just in case you don’t have a fast internet access on your device. Similarly you can also download lessons which teach your how to perform a particular magic.  Individual magic screens display the logo for the categories associated with the magic , so you can easily find the magic video next time you open the app .
With Book of magic anyone can learn magic and it doesn’t require much preparation for most of the tricks mentioned in the app .You will find most of the items in your household. So you can start with a basic rubber band and spoon to learn some magic quickly. If you come across some really interesting magic tricks you can also share it with anyone by sending a direct link to watch the specific video on Youtube along with the download the app via app store link.
This is nice app to learn new magic tricks and also for someone who loves entertaining others. You can show some of the magic tricks to your friends and see their curiosity built each time you show them something new.
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