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Leather Biker iPad Case Comes with Mean Mustache

This is rugged leather case is playful riff on all of the envelope cases available for the iPad. In keeping with the biker-y aesthetic, it comes with a handlebar mustache for a stand.

The leather envelope case, held together with metal rivets, is handmade in San Francisco.  It comes in red, black and brown. Suitable for either version of the iPad, one side is thicker and has a fabric lining to protect the glass surface, the other side is a thinner leather that stretches to hold the iPad firm.
The ‘stache stand, made of acrylic and leather, can prop up both first and second generation iPads. It was designed to fit in the case without adding unsightly bulges in an inside pocket that can also hold business cards or other extras.
Designer Gustavo Pastre, who also designed the leather skin on the iPad pictured above, is drumming up support on Kickstarter for the cases.  Prices vary depending on design, the ‘stache stand goes for $15, the cases with mustache start at $65.