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LinkedIn lets you follow social news with updated iPhone app

For those of you not familiar with it, LinkedIn is a social network for your professional contacts. Think of it as Facebook without the keg stand photos. I’ve been a big fan of LinkedIn for a while now and was excited when it launched its LinkedIn Today social news feature. LinkedIn Today is a social news aggregator for business people. It lets you easily follow news and stories from the industries you and your contacts work in.
In conjunction with the premier of LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn also updated its iOS app to feature a brand new news section that shows you the headlines from your LinkedIn Today industry headlines. The addition of the news section to the app makes it infinitely more useful. Previously, I would only open my LinkedIn iPhone app when I needed to download new contacts, but today I’ve found myself checking it every half hour to see the latest articles and headlines related to my industry and what news links my peers are sharing. LinkedIn is available for free on the App Store.