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Live high with Paper Glider Para Drop – FREE!

Hit the sweet spot in Paper Glider Para Drop! Jump from your glider at the right moment to land safely onto the trampoline. Careful though, if you miss you could sizzle in the campfire or splat in a doggy doo!
Tap to jump out of your glider, tap again to open your parachute and let the wind carry you safely to the trampoline. Touching down in the middle of the landing zone gives you BIG points!
A successful landing rewards you with a multiplier, so get as many as possible in a row for a MAXIMUM score!

Choose from 12 different parachutes including a flame, camouflage or rainbow chute! You can even fly your countries flag… Now that’s falling with style.


* Your garden starts off tatty, so upgrade it with cool new items!

* Keep it tidy! Mow the lawn, plant some flowers or grow some trees!

* Sporty? Grab a football or push bike!

* Show off to the neighbours with a shimmering water feature!

* Be REAL cheeky with a clumsy garden gnome!

Customisation requires coins which can be earned by playing the game, or you can simply buy them with an in-app purchase.

Paper Glider Para Drop is out now in the Apple App Store for FREE.