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Mooniz – Prepare to run (out of battery)

Mooniz is a simple yet highly addictive action puzzle game. Mooniz is the cute but cheeky critter from the moon that are invading our Earth. You have to step up to protect our Earth from these adorable moon monsters by tapping groups of same colored Mooniz to make them explode in a spectacular display of dazzling colors.

The gameplay centres around touching and color-matching. Sounds easy? Certainly not! Tapping blindly will only work in the early stage and won’t take you far in later stages. Each round starts with randomly groupings of Mooniz of various colors along with a time limit and empty star counter. You have to tap a group of three or more like-colors Mooniz in order to remove them from the screen. In the mean time, the remaining Mooniz will fill the gap and new Mooniz will fall in from the top. You have to collect stars before the clock hits zero to continue the game. There are two modes in this game, the Classic mode and Rush mode. The Classic mode starts off slow with only three kinds of Mooniz and fairly low star requirements increase as you move to the next stage. On the other hand, Rush mode is a 90-second short game that challenge you to get the highest score possible.

To own this game, you have to utilize 8 power-ups available like multipliers, paint grenades and more. Power-ups will help you to increase your score tremendously and ease the star-gathering process. By getting higher score, you are able to collect Coins. You can use coin to buckle up yourself with extra-powerful power-ups. These special powerful power-ups are priced from twenty five to thirty for a package of three. Other than gaining the Coins through winning the game, you can also purchase it through in-app purchases. 

Mooniz is GameCenter enabled that allows you to challenge others at the online leaderboard. Beside, you can also share your high scores with your friends and other players on Facebook.

Mooniz is an addictive game with stunning graphic that utilized the Retina display. It’s intuitive control combined together with the challenging Classic and Rush game modes will definitely lock you in this game for hours! At the price of $0.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies), Mooniz is one of the game you cannot miss out in year 2011!