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New iPhone App Rates Your Performance in the Bedroom

As of January of this year, there were over 350,000 applications in the App Store. At the rate new applications get added, I would imagine that number is closer to 370,000 by now.
There are apps that rate your eating habits , your exercise habits, and even your sleeping habits. Well set your faces to “stunned,” because there is now an application that rates your performance in the bedroom
SexTrack is a new application that measures your abilities as a lover, using multiple metrics. You are graded on frequency, duration, and oh yeah, the app also uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to judge speed and intensity.
Not completely weirded out yet? Not only can you and your partner keep track of your “High Score,” you can share your best results with social network sites like Twitter and Facebook.
There also seems to be an online High Score database, where you can compare yourselves with other couples. The scores are separated by national and global levels. Want to know which country has the best lovers? SexTrack has a High Score list for that.

If anyone was still wondering if we were living in the age of the smartphone, here’s your sign. This app may fall in the same category as the other raunchy, tasteless titles in the App Store, but maybe a couple on the verge of separating tries something like this and it rekindles their relationship.
SexTrack is available in the App Store for a “limited time” at $1.99. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing it, the full description for this application is worth a couple of laughs.
What do you think? Would you and your partner try something like this out?