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Now sending mails gets even easier with Mail Shot iPhone app

Whether you use email for work or personal requirements. Mail Shot is an app with which you can send email to a large group of people without putting in the effort to add people individually. The iPhone app is unique in its own way which allows the use of group emailing function from other apps to. So now whether it’s going out for a movie with your office colleagues or planning a rugby match on weekend, Mail Shot will make it short and simple for you  .
What makes Mail Shot simple is the ability to use it in the same way as you add contacts to your solo email’s through address book. Mail Shot creates a contact which has the information of people within the group. At most you can add about 50 contacts which we suppose is a sufficient number of contacts in each category. You can create different categories like Work, Play, Friends , Relatives which would make it easier to pass your message to a specific group of contacts directly through your iPhone.
Configuring the app is really simple. Just go to the app, create a group with a unique name and add the contacts you wish to have in the group. You can also edit the list of people later if you wish to change or remove people from it . Contacts without an email address cannot be added to the group .Once you have added all the required details tap update to save the details in the group . In a similar way you can create unlimited number of groups and add 50 contacts to each group . The groups created can be used from any mail capable app by accessing the Contacts .
MailShot launched last month and is the first app to integrate this “distribution list” capability right into every mail-capable app. It allows users to send any link or attachment that app developers can think of, and is the only easy way an iPhone can do a number of tricks that are built in to other systems- such as forwarding an email to group of people.
Peter Johnson, Company Founder, said: “The iPhone is already a fantastic device for keeping in touch, and MailShot makes it even better! Allowing people to easily send links and videos to groups of their friends or colleagues from all over their phone hugely enhances the email experience from the iPhone and iPad.
Overall we found the app extremely useful in daily life and is recommended for anyone who uses an iOS device and send emails frequently .
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