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Overgram Brings Beautiful Typography To Your iPhone Pictures

Overgram Brings Beautiful Typography To Your iPhone Pictures

Today a free version of popular photography iPhone app “Over” launched in the App Store called “Overgram.” With Overgram, it’s easy to add beautiful typography to pictures taken on your iPhone. As the name implies, you can easily share your creations on social networks like Instagram.

Check out Overgram, and if you like it, the full version of Over is on sale in the App Store for a limited time. Your Instagram feed will never be the same.

Overgram Brings Beautiful Typography To Your iPhone Pictures

An example of what you can do with Overgram on the iPhone.

The first thing you’ll notice about Overgram is its fluid user experience. A rotary-style dial lets you customize your typography layout, and the whole process is very straight forward and easy to learn.

“With its smooth and intuitive interface, Overgram allows users of any skill level to easily customize their photos with the message of their choice,” said Aaron Marshall, designer of Overgram. “Whether using the original Over app, or the new free Overgram, we know that anyone that takes photos with their mobile device will love being able to send friends and family truly unique photos with a personal touch.”

Overgram gives you access to 10 fonts and text alignment. A small watermark will be on all of your photos until you pay a $1 in-app purchase to unlock or buy Over. The full version of Over, which normally sells for $2, offers 225+ fonts, including some additional backgrounds. If you share a photo you made in Overgram on Instagram and include “#BestOvergram,” you’ll be entered for a daily chance to win a promo code for Over. You can check out what people are doing with Overgram by visiting the app’s Instagram account.

Users will notice that Overgram fully supports the iPhone 5, while Over does not yet. Marshall tells me that the iPhone 5 update has been submitted to Apple will some new features, and it should be rolling out in the App Store any day now.

Overgram can be downloaded for free in the App Store. Over is available now for $1.