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Rate your day – The Perfect Companion To Know Your Day Better

If you are one of those who write their good and bad experiences in diary everyday and like reading them to know what was the worst day in your life or your happiest moment ever, Rate your Day is a simple yet awesome app for everyone out there .
Download the app and it will take care of the rest. With reminders at the end of each day, you can make sure you never miss writing your experiences. With Rate your day you can rate your day in 1-5 stars and add notes to each day. Once you add the entries you can also share them on facebook and twitter as your status update.
Each day rating is stored in History tab where you can have a look at entries all together and also make changes if required. Another nice feature is Statistics which gives you a ratings overview for each zodiac sign, this data is collected from all the users using the app , but the app just uses your zodiac sign to implement this, it does not take any other information like Date of birth . With this you can take a look at what your friends have been through or at least have an idea about their day in general. The comment section in the app is more of a public feature which lets everyone read what others have commented about the day just showing their Zodiac sign beside the comment. These comments can be sorted out before reading based on most recent, Today, Last 7 days and Last 30 days.
With the Free Ad supported version available to try you can check out the full app before you purchase the paid version .
Screenshots from the app :