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Save the Planet from Evil Corporations With Destructopus

Have no fear! Destructopus is here! Or at least it will be very soon on May 3rd. The game casts the player as a 10-story tall cephalopod of destruction as he makes his way through a world filled with environmental malfeasance and corporate greed. How will you save the world from such evils? Destructopus isn’t the type to chain himself to a tree in protest. He gets his business done by crushing the buildings and killing the workers of these nefarious organizations.
There’s also the matter of the adorable creatures that need help escaping the oncoming wrath of “civilized progress.” Destructopus has lost all patience for negotiating with these scum bags. It’s time to hit em where it hurts. Watch him get his revenge in the video below.
The game has already passed through Apple’s approval process, and is awaiting release on Tuesday of next week. We don’t yet have word on how much the game’s developer, Glitchsoft, will be charging for this rollicking throwback to the Rampage! series. However much it ends up costing is pretty much irrelevent though, since it’s very hard to imagine not getting our money’s worth.