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Speak Your Mind And Get The Opinions Of Other Users With LocalMind iPhone App – iPhone app review

If you have been wasting your precious time searching answers to anything that comes to your mind  by Googling and filtering your results. LocalMind is a great app that includes human involvement and supports Q&A in nearby area.
Starting with the app, the user needs to log in using Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook . Later the user can decide whether to check in or not .After this you can see the map and your current location on it . Within the app you will find a few options in the menu bar which include Local minds – this is a section where you can have look at other users and their location on map , Questions – In this section you can see the questions asked by you and by other users , Local Activity – Here you can see your activity , in case you helped someone or received useful answers from someone , Profile – this will give you a brief info about yourself and your karma points which you earn when you help someone .
With LocalMind you can filter your results for a specific distance range from 1-25 miles/kilometers. Taking about the usefulness of the app, for example you are on your way to airport and you need to know about the facilities on the airport, ask a question to any LocalMind (user) in that area and soon you will start receiving responses from anyone who has an answer for it . You can also know about availability of a newly released movie tickets in a specific movie theatre by asking questions to localminds available in the area. In simple words LocalMind makes it simpler and quicker to get answers for your queries which is user based and are in real time.
Being a user driven app the chances are that it can fetch you potentially useful results , while at times you could also fall short of responses if users feel not to answer about something they are not sure of .
Integration of social networks like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook would be strong point for the success of app with its limitless potential. The app is currently available for free on app store and is definitely worth trying before you read what others say.
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