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Spins 3D Ties Your Brain In Knots [Review]

Spins 3D
Spins 3D is the latest game that’s left me scratching my head in complete flummoxation – if you need a brain teaser, it certainly teases brains.
The idea, like all good puzzles, is very simple: you have a number of rings with colored patches on them. On the disks, but movable around them, are colored balls.
All you have to do is line up all the balls and patches so that everything matches up, green on green, red on red, and so on. It’s all in 3D, which means a 2-finger swipe moves the whole puzzle around – you can literally look at it from all angles. Sounds easy? Well, it is to start with.
Once you have more than two rings, and more than two or three colors, things soon get very taxing. Balls can move between rings – and often do so even when you don’t want them to. Grrr. Arrrgh. Hnnngh.
Spins 3D has 120 levels and costs one dollar. There’s also a free version with just 28 puzzles if you want to try before you buy. Happy spinning. Hnnngh. Arrrgh.
Rating: ★★★★½