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Stamp Art Fever is an app for all passionate Stamp collectors

As a hobby or as a passion, collecting stamps is fun in its own way . The joy of having something unique and bragging about it to your friends makes my day. Stamp Art fever is an iPhone app with which you can collect unique and rare stamps. With Game Center and Open feint support now have total right to show what you got.
Stamp Art fever basically offers a great way to collect, share, trade (sell or buy) your stamps. You can start with the Philately Shop where you can purchase stamps and blisters. Here you can also buy additional services like protection against robbery, fire, insurance in case your stamps are being stolen and much more. Another place to look up for some really nice stamps is Black Market; this is where you will find stuff which has is not available elsewhere .
You can see all the stamps collected by you in the collection section where they are arranged in categories. If you feel like the place is getting too jammed up, you can sell the one’s you don’t like in Shop or Black Market. You can also exchange them with friends in multiplayer exchange sessions. Open up a stamp by tapping on it and you can find details like name, date, and value and protection status.
The Auction section as the name suggests is a place where people put up their stamps for bidding and anyone can make a offer. After the auction is over the highest bidder owns the stamp. While in a lottery section you need to participate in a lottery before the winner is randomly chosen.
Stamp Art Fever comes with over 120 original prints and 20 exciting levels to play .The developer also promises to update the app in future with new stamp collection and other exciting features .
The best part about the game is its elegant graphics & beautiful stamps with melodious background music. The app UI and animation are easy to use and are beautifully structured. We would suggest this app to every stamp lover and anyone who would like to try something absolutely new out of app store .
Game features :
Main game elements:
  • Visit the Philately and make your purchases;
  • Sell to shop your duplicates and create a portfolio with which buy the missing;
  • Search your missing copy in the Black Market;
  • Increase your credit “dirty” on the Black Market by selling your duplicates;
  • Protect your collection from Fire and Theft;
  • Connect with your friends and propose exchanges (multiplayer).
In addition:
  • help on line with the game rules;
  • Over 120 original prints and 20 levels of play;
  • Support for multitasking iOS 4 compatible devices: switch instantly from one application to another;
  • Detailed graphics with high resolution to take full advantage of iPhone 4 Retina display;
  • Multiplayer exchanges sessions;
  • future update with new collection sets.
Screenshots from the game :