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Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Review

Clicking random things is made more fun because of Strong Bad’s incessant commentary.
Strong Bad, the lucha-libre-masked antagonist of the Homestar Runner series of Internet cartoons has a simple task in Telltale’s game: knock the snot out of Homestar Runner. If you think this should be an easy task for an evil wrestler, think again. His adventures will take you through castles, conga lines, and kitchen cabinets, all in the name of great villainy. It’s been a while since Strong Bad has graced our computer screens and we were a little worried that his insulting songs and constant bragging might have lost some of their charm, but simply put, they haven’t.
Its looks, like its jokes, are fantastic. Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People looks just a tad different from the Flash videos that took the web by storm. The voices are done by the original voice actors, and there are generous servings of laugh-out-loud moments—it’s even funnier than the wildly comical Tales of Monkey Island.
Similar to ToMI, Strong Bad’s Cool Game is a five-episode point-and-click adventure. You control Strong Bad and his inflated boxing gloves, traversing familiar locales and performing increasingly bewildering tasks in increasingly more outlandish episodes—if you thought trying to beat up Homestar Runner was strange, wait until you have to force Trogdor back into an arcade cabinet.  In typical Telltale fashion, you spend most of the game walking around in a bit of a daze. Oh, so I have to give onions to Homestar Runner to get him to take a shower? So, um, why do I want to get him to take a shower?
The look and the dialogue are very close to the Homestar Runner web cartoons.
While Telltale’s puzzles would frequently make Sherlock Holmes feel like an illiterate schoolboy, completing one gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction. Though Strong Bad’s Cool Game is the easiest Telltale game we’ve played, we still question the wisdom of removing the Hint button. Certain tasks are just too zany to know how to complete on your own, and Telltale knows this—they’ve even included a walkthrough on their site for weary wanderers.
Luckily, you don’t have to spend a cent to decide if Strong Bad’s Cool Game is for you. Telltale has free demos for each of the five episodes. Episodes cost $8.95 each, or $29.99 for all five. Each episode takes around three hours to complete, though if you want to get 100 percent, you’ll spend some time finishing mini quests after completing the main plot line. Even at a breezy 15 hours, Strong Bad’s Cool Game definitely drags in places; there are more than a few instances that you’ll look for guidance online when the puzzles get too puzzling. The good news is the episodic styling means it’s easy to put down for a week or two, so you don’t burn out on it.
The bottom line. If you’ve ever liked Strong Bad and company, you’ll love what Telltale has done with this game. It’s easily as funny as some of your favorite Strong Bad episodes, and will quickly be burninating all your free time.
Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People
Telltale Games
2.0Ghz Intel processor, Mac OS 10.6 or later, 2 GB RAM, 256MB NVidia or ATI graphics card.
Plays like one long episode of Homestar Runner. Original voice actors. Plenty of bonus minigames to be discovered.
Point-and-click adventures rarely stay entertaining for 15 hours. Some puzzles are just way too confusing—it’s in desperate need of more hints.