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Super Dragon Review

The latest game to offer yet another take on the popular Angry Birds-style bombardment genre, Super Dragon is a goofy game of hurling fireballs and avoiding falling debris in order to regain your missing chompers. This funky physics puzzler stars a superstar dragon named Smokey, who is hellbent on recovering his lost teeth — but getting them back is trickier and occasionally more aggravating than you might expect, thanks to the unpredictable laws of gravity.

Each of the 60 stages in Super Dragon tasks you with chucking flames skyward to burn away precariously perched piles of oddball garbage, all in order to dislodge your false teeth and send them plummeting safely back into your awaiting maw. Pulling Smokey‘s tail and letting it rip launches different kinds of flame projectiles to blast through wooden planks piled high with old TV sets, fridges, and other household garbage. Lobbing projectiles haphazardly doesn’t get you far, however, since Smokey is out of commission if he gets hit with too many heavy items that come crashing down.

Targeting present boxes earns you an array of protective headgear like umbrella hats, football helmets, and other noggin toppers that protect you from getting battered while offering special abilities. The Roman helmet, for example, lets you launch a barrage of fireballs from the sky to annihilate the debris field, and all told they’re fun twists that provide some much-needed aid as the stages get trickier. Precision and accuracy earns you stars for unlocking additional blocks of stages, but the unpredictable nature of your shots, the crazy obstacles they collide with, and the way the physics react when it comes down can make for some frustrating moments.

The bottom line.
 Super Dragon is a fun, though sometimes frustrating bombardment diversion that’ll keep you pushing to better your score in order to progress through numerous strategic stages.