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Tactical, Turn-Based Tank Game

Whisky Biscuit has announced the release of their first game WarPath with a special introductory price of 1.79 GBP / 2.99 USD / 2.39 EUR.

WarPath is the tactical, simultaneous turn-based tank fighting game for the iPad, where players attempt to outwit their friends in top-down shooting battles. Plan moves, position turrets and plant mines to stop enemy tanks in their tracks. For 1-4 players. Players can share one iPad in pass-and-play mode, bringing them all together like a board game, or play alone to test their wits against the AI.

Can you create a battle-plan capable of destroying all of your enemies with just four tanks? Unleash the firepower and watch the mayhem unfold!

WarPath is fun for all the family – particularly if your family likes tanks. It has been specifically designed for iPad in top-down 2D as an easy to pick up but un-put-downable explosion-fest and features an innovative way-point control system for planning moves. Each player takes it in turns to plan their moves, then all gather around the iPad screen to watch the action play out. Lonesome players can fight against the cunning AI tanks, programmed with ruthless efficiency to scamper about firing shells at anything enemy-shaped. Or up to four players can battle together in pass-and-play mode. With four tanks in each team, players can drop mines and co-ordinate attacks with deadly accuracy.

WarPath will be available for a short time at a special low price while more features, levels and gameplay modes are carefully fine-tuned in our high-tech development laboratory located in the Highlands of Scotland. Each pixel is hand-woven using traditional methods handed down from generation to next generation, fuelled by only the finest Scotch whisky and shortbread.

“This is categorically the best game I’ve ever made for iPad” says Stuart, company founder and chief code-weaver.

Pricing and Availability:
WarPath 1.0 is offered at the special introductory price of $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.