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Thief Lupin:Steal The Jewels Around The World Just With Your Thumb

If playing Action games is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hold your iPhone, Thief lupin is a fun action game for you . In the game you control a thief named lupin who steals jewels from different location of the world. Lupin is clever and equipped with a lot of powers like flying, jumping, running and can also confuse enemies with his moonwalk just like MJ.
The game starts with selection of character and customizing them with armour, helmets and other elements. There are a limited set of characters and customizations available within the game , but you can buy more with the collected jewels . In case you find an item is too expensive in terms of jewels you can purchase jewels via in-app purchase. Once you have finalised your character you move to location selection map, where you can see the complete globe and select available locations for your next stealth. Locations also need to be unlocked by spending jewels. Each building has a number of floors and different obstructions and enemies on each of them. You can choose the floor you want to play once you have unlocked all of them. You will also explore some hidden floors which you may come across during the game.
Thief lupin is a game which is controlled by single touch. No virtual buttons, no movements, just touch anywhere on the screen to trigger the power in Lupin . On each floor lupin uses a different power, which cannot be chosen by the player. And that’s what makes the game challenging though exciting.
During the gameplay you see lupin progressing to higher floors through doors .Each floor has a entry and a exit gate with obstruction, enemies and jewels in between.  Every time you hit an enemy the floor automatically resets to initial state and so does your position. Avoid hitting obstructions to achieve a better score and number of stars.
Thief Lupin is worth a try, though it is a free game it won’t disappoint you if you love games. The controls are super smooth , so are the graphics and you will like the motivating background music while game play .
Screenshots from the game :