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TikTok and LunaTik Watches

Truthfully, I’d rather wear a Swatch

Who doesn’t love flashing a shiny piece of impeccably designed gear to the oohs and aahs of your geekiest friends? The sixth-gen iPod nano’s clip makes it easy to attach to your clothing, but since its touchscreen also has a neat analog-looking clock feature, everyone seems to want to strap it to their wrists. Show-offs.
The TikTok and LunaTik aim to echo the industrial design of the nano with their black silicone rubber straps and stainless steel buckles. Your nano snaps easily into the TikTok’s polycarbonate center, but the LunaTik is designed for more committed users. You have to screw the nano into the LunaTik’s aluminum frame with a couple bolts and two tiny hex screws. Assembly took me three minutes with the included Allen wrench, and I found the seam down the middle of the frame quite ugly. Still, it holds the nano securely if you decide you’d like to use it as a watch the majority of the time. With both straps, the buttons face out, as do the headphone jack and dock connector, so you can still attach the Nike+ sensor or a charging cable. A cutout at the back of the TikTok makes it easy to poke the nano back out again with a firm press of your finger.
The problem with both of these straps is that neither is comfortable, nor particularly attractive. The thick black rubber watchbands remind me of an Ironman sport watch. It’s definitely not a feminine look, as evidenced when I rocked it on a night out in Hollywood with a little black dress and strappy silver heels. It sort of worked in Hollywood (buncha freaks, amirite?), but might not play in Peoria, at least if you’re a lady. And if you’re a dude, the Ironman look still isn’t terribly stylish, anyway. The parts that hold the nano are the same size as my wrist, adding to the “kid wearing her daddy’s watch” look and requiring me to tighten it very snugly to keep it from flopping around. 
One more niggle: wearing headphones with a watch-strapped nano can be an annoying exercise in self-flagellation, unless you’re wearing long sleeves and can thread the cable up your sleeve and out the neck of your shirt. Another inconvenience, but definitely not TikTok or LunaTik’s fault.
On the plus side, the bands have notches all the way up (so one size fits almost-all), and you can adjust the little doohickey that holds down the excess strap. The LunaTik’s silver aluminum frame didn’t add anything to the watch’s aesthetics, and all in all it just doesn’t seem different enough to warrant its twice-as-expensive price tag. Especially considering what a pain juggling that Allen wrench can be.
The bottom line. The TikTok’s low price and snap-in convenience make it a good choice for those seeking a multitouch watch, but the LunaTik’s fussiness and price tag just make it crazy.