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Tiny Wings Review

When it first came out, Tiny Wings seemed to be the heir apparent to Angry Birds in the App Store. The game won over thousands of fans with its adorable concept and engaging gameplay. Well, those fires have cooled by now. Tiny Wings rarely peaks into the iTunes Top 10 lists anymore, but it’s no less wonderful.

Tiny Wings is really the perfect 99-cent game. It’s low budget while still managing to be very good looking and extremely fun. The gameplay is very simple, but it’s a challenge to truly master. You play as a bird whose wings are too small to truly fly. In order to achieve the little bird’s dream of flight, you have to ramp off the hills to get some air time. The whole game is controlled with one finger. Touching the screen causes the bird to dive downward. When you’re not touching the screen, he puffs out his wings and tries to glide.

The goal is to dive down into the slope of the hill and then vault off the other side. If you accomplish three vaults in a row you’ll gain a special fever mode to pump up your points. That’s really all there is to it, but it’s an addicting formula that has kept us coming back for more for weeks.
Tiny Wings is the logical successor of the genre that Canabalt built. It’s essentially a one-button platformer that tweaks that stale genre in a much-needed way. The result is a game that’s every bit as pure and great as Canabalt was, before the heap of imitators.
The bottom line. For just 99 cents you just can’t do better than Tiny Wings. That said, if you’re not a fan of fast-paced games then this probably isn’t for you. It requires quite a bit of coordination, and can be frustrating if you’re not good at it. But if you’re bored with the slower pace of games like Angry Birds, then Tiny Wings is just the thing.
Andreas Illiger
iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later
Adorable. Great sense of speed. Though the wings are tiny, the replayability is enormous.
Little variety — levels are very similar