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Trials HD Developer Announces DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved

DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved
We love RedLynx for a number of different reasons. It’s not just for their iOS classic DrawRace, either. We also, admittedly adore their Xbox Live game Trials HD. Now we’re getting word that the developer is hard at work on a brand new iOS title that will be the sequel to the aforementioned game, DrawRace [iTunes Link].
It will be titled DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved, and they’ve also released a teaser trailer to accompany the announcement. It reveals absolutely nothing about the game itself, but if you love racing then this trailer might just be the kind of thing to make you get all misty-eyed. It even has a soft piano accompanying the narrator!
The DrawRace series is pretty self-explanatory given the name, but in case you’re unaware it’s basically the racing game equivalent of Flight Control [iTunes Link]. Rather than guiding the car around the track in real time, you draw the car’s plotted course and then the car attempts to navigate your line automatically. It’s a great new take on the driving genre that is perfectly suited to mobile touch gaming.
We don’t know a whole lot about the sequel except that it will receive the requisite graphical overhaul, and that it will be releasing in the next few months. When exactly? No clue, but we’ll be sure to run a news story to let you know when it hits the App Store.