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Triple Yes Helps You Discover Better Compatibility days with your friends

For fun or for knowledge, if you have ever tried compatibility tests on the web, you will love Triple Yes, and yes there are reasons to like the app . The app fetches data from your device contacts, the data typically includes name and date of birth. Now you can quickly see your compatibility with your friends or check compatibility of two of your other friends instantly with the app.
When you open the app you will see a dual coloured background with two scrolling selection menus, one at top and other at bottom. In these menu’s you can select people you wish to compare. Just as you stop scrolling you will see the results of the two people selected on scrolling bar.  As the name of the app “Triple”, the app gives the percentage of three states of body – Physical, Emotional and Intellectual. You can see how they are illustrated in the images below. Now tap on the statistics part of the screen and you will be able to know whether these characteristics match on the selected day , are neutral or don’t match at all. If you wish to explore additional details about the two people you can see the past and future compatibility based on dates by simply swiping the statistics screen.
Another feature you would like to explore would be the list of birthdays in an alphabetical order. Here you can see the birthdays of all your friends and device contacts.
The app has a nice and decent presentation of results which makes it easy for user to note things at a glance. The UI is smooth and pretty simple to use . Something we would like to see in the next update would be integration of share buttons, which would make it easier for users to share results with their friends and people whose compatibility test has been made. Overall the app is wonderful and does what it says in nice way.
Screenshots from the app: