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Try out some new Brain exercises with Word Search Plus : iPhone App review

If you are one of the word puzzle game lovers, and have played almost all titles available on the app store, it would be really interesting to solve word puzzles with Word search plus. Word Search Plus is a word based game where you need to connect the words on the board.
In the game you are given nine different words and you have to find them all on a board with 100 different letters. Once you find a word , connect all its letters in forward order to complete it . As you start connecting letters you can also see the marked ones on the top information bar which helps you know what’s going on under your finger.
The puzzle game has 5 different difficulty modes easy, medium, difficult, Pro and expert. Going through each difficulty mode you will come across the various patterns in which words are displayed (Horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) and also reverse order on the board. Such variations make it difficult to visualize words in one go and make things even complex with different combination’s. The most difficult mode is Expert where you are neither given the nine words to find in the puzzle, nor do you know the pattern in which they are displayed. You just need to guess them all correctly to clear the game .
The game group’s words according to categories, so you use all categories at once or can choose a category if you wish to use words associated with that specific category in the game. For example if you are a fan of automobiles or you wish to learn names of new automobiles in market use Cars category from the setting. This will filter all the words and only bring the names of cars and their parts in the puzzle. Each time you finish a puzzle the app displays the meanings of words used in game , this makes the app education   Others settings in the game include changing themes and toggling sound which can be used to vary the gaming experience.
You can check the scoreboards at any time to see your best time, worst time, Average time, and number of games completed in individual difficulty modes. Though the game lacks game center but it’s still a tough challenge to play against your own high scores once you start moving to higher difficulty modes.
With a nice wood styled design and a simple UI, Word Search plus could be the most loved puzzle game this season if you love words and challenges.
Screenshots from the game :