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Turn your PC into a powerful fully featured Server with Bdrive

If you follow the market you will read about a new company adding cloud computing as their service every few weeks. Though Cloud computing is getting very popular these days  . Would’nt it be interesting to access files on Home-PC via mobile? Without having your files duplicated on multiple networks and locations like Home-PC , Office-PC , Mobile , Providing server access to friends and more . With Bdrive you have total control over your server and can manipulate it according to your requirements.
Bdrive is based on the Server-Client mechanism, where you can use your computer as a Server and another computer, phone or tablet as a client. Bdrive server is currently available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac (10.6 and above). Bdrive clients are available for Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android (coming soon).
For an example, if you have a family with 2 children and 2 adults. Assuming all of them have a iPhone, 2 work PC’s and one Home-PC which is used as Bdrive server and used by everyone at home. There are personal folders for each user where each of them stores their own files , but when at work or away from home you cannot be sure which files you may be in need of. Just imagine how securely Bdrive will help you access your personal Home-PC folders from your mobile phone and allow you to add new files directly from your iPhone. It will also allow you to grant access to your friends who wish to upload their memories with you on your Home-PC directly from their iPhone. The second thing they would probably do is; download Bdrive server for their PC at home.
Bdrive is a really fantastic application which allows you to save storage space , manage your files at same place but at the same time allows you and other granted users access the files from anywhere around the world .
Setting up Bdrive is simple just download the app from app store; go to their website in order to download Bdrive Server for your PC. Once you have installed Bdrive Server on your PC you can start adding folders or even your entire Disk drive , but make sure you add a secure password and only share it with people you want to . Bdrive is pretty secure firstly due to the use of BID which is a random combination of letters only known to you , secondly you can add a password , third you have control over read/write action on the folder from clients .
To share a folder with your friends (clients) you need to provide them the BID and password if any. By giving this you give them complete access to read the folder and also write if you have set the permissions to Read/Write. It’s your server, so you can manipulate it any time  you find your friends uploading too much of crap on your disk.
Bdrive is a great app for friends, family and even office employees who can be allotted space on a giant server for keeping their huge collection of files. Try out Bdrive for free from app store and you can add even more premium features later.
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