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Upcoming Vampire Rush from Chillingo Is Not On Team Edward

Vampire Rush
Are vampires still all the rage in 2011? They were huge in 2010, but we may not be up-to-date on our teenie-bop-sensations. Chillingo’s new hack-n-slash tower defense game may star vampire as villains, but they’re quick to add that they’re nothing like the ones we’ve been seeing on the silver screen these past couple of years.
“They say vampires are cool…They say vampires look like young men with abs and everything…This is so not true!” This is the opening line of the trailer Chillingo has just released for its upcoming game Vampire Rush. (We noticed that they chose not to mention the vampire glitter from Twilight.) Vampire Rush’s villains are the exact opposite of the popular vampires of the past few years.
Rather than spending their free time fawning over teen girls and promoting abstinence, the stars of Vampire Rush spend their time attempting to plow through the gate that leads from the vampire underworld to the realm of the living. The hero, Captain Grey is on a mission to stop them. The game itself is a mash-up of the very popular tower defense genre and the hack-n-slash action genre. From the look of it, the game will proceed similarly to the classic tower defense game PixelJunk Monsters where a character must be moved around to the towers in order to build/upgrade them. The big difference though is instead of the helpless, cute little spud from PJM, Vampire Rush has a tough guy with a saber.
Chillingo and developer a-steroids haven’t nailed down a firm release date yet.