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Vlix iPhone App: Social Sharing, Video Editing & Effects

There’s a new iPhone app coming soon that hopes to combine the best social sharing features with in-app video editing, enabling users to add effects to their videos. The app, called Vlix, was created by video ad firm SpotMixer and is pending approval for release on the Apple App Store now.
As more and more users adopt smartphones with built-in video cameras, Vlix aims to make it easier to share mobile videos between friends. The problem is that not everyone wants to share their personal mobile videos on YouTube or even Facebook, and MMS and email are ineffective ways to transmit large video files and ensure that friends are able to view them. So Vlix has joined’s Socialcam app in applying the same sort of features found in Instagram and other image-based social sharing apps to video.
The new app is being launched by video ad firm SpotMixer, which also just happens to be the parent company of slideshow and video sharing site One True Media. The app incorporates much of the same technology and many lessons learned from One True Media, which gives users access to cloud-based video editing and provides special effects that can be added to the videos users upload to the site.
Like Instagram, Picplz and others, Vlix enables viewers to see a feed of videos their friends and contacts have uploaded to the service. When users share their videos, friends that have Vlix can either watch the videos directly within the mobile app itself, or view the videos online through the Vlix site, Facebook or YouTube. Like most similar applications, the Vlix service lets viewers “Like” or comment on videos that are shared in their friends’ feeds.
But unlike’s Socialcam application, which was just launched last month, Vlix incorporates some basic editing tools that enable users to trim their videos, and also add annotations and special effects. Most of these effects are pretty basic and have been available through other apps: color correction, for instance, or brightening. However, the Vlix app can also add effects like black and white, old film filters, reverse, fast forward and others.
Vimeo also recently released an iPhone app with video editing tools built in as well — and while it has a way to follow other users, it’s probably not the best app for social sharing.
When Vlix goes live on the Apple App Store hopefully next week, it will join a number of apps that give users the access to social sharing or in-app video editing. But it’s the combination of the two that will set it apart.