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Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger hitting iPhone on April 26, slips “new notification system”

Research In Motion could be planning to release BlackBerry Messenger for iOS devices. Arguably a killer app for BlackBerry smartphones, the software should land on the App Store on April 26, claims a poster (via TUAW) over at the MacRumors forum:
RIM had a Social Media conference today in Toronto, and my entire college business and marketing class was invited to the event. RIM’s co-ceo Jim Balsillie revealed that they plan to bring BBM and “other services” to iPhone on April 26 via the app store. Balsillie also revealed that they plan to release an update to the app this summer which will take advantage of a new “notification system”!
This echoes a Boy Genius Report story which asserted that RIM is taking the BlackBerry Messenger app to iOS and Android as a way to tackle dozens of copycats found on the App Store. The rumor has it the iOS version won’t have all the features of its BlackBerry counterpart which is deeply integrated into RIM’s operating system.
Other sources are indicating that Android version is already a go-go and should hit Android Market first, followed by iOS version. Is BlackBerry Messenger for iOS something to write home about? Will it appeal to a broader demographic outside the folks who switched from BlackBerry to Apple’s platform? Meet us in comments.