Rumor: Future Jerusalem Apple Store to house the world’s first “Apple Digital Library”

Okay, make of this what you will, but the Jerusalem Post is reporting that Apple is set to open up “a giant Apple store and education center” in the city within the next three years. Apple is working with Bet Yair real estate to open up a 50,000-square-foot Apple Store at the entrance to Jerusalem, the Post says.
The report goes on to claim that Apple directors in Israel recently toured the prospective site and that they want to bring the 50,000-square-foot store to Jerusalem for “symbolic reasons.” Most interestingly of all, the Jerusalem Apple Store will reportedly hold the world’s first Apple Digital Library, which would be open to the public.
As to what the Apple Digital Library will contain, the Jerusalem Post didn’t say, but it’s hard to see Apple, which makes a decent chunk of change from distributing digital media, opening digital libraries where you could presumably check out e-books, movies and other digital wares.
The Jerusalem Post also points out that the rumored location of the Jerusalem Apple Store is set to become the city’s high tech corridor, with a 15-screen cinema and a high-speed Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train and light rail stop.
Israel has no official Apple retail outlets, although the iDigital chain serves as an authorized reseller in the country.