Rumors of an Apple event in October

Over the summer we heard all about the upcoming iPhone 5, but that was to be expected. The rumored “iPad mini,” however, has been much harder to spot by wayward components. Still, the stars appear to be aligning for an October Apple event.

We’ve now also heard whispers from sources about a “refresh” in October, although a smaller iPad wouldn’t exactly be a refresh — and a refreshed Mac Pro or even iMac would likely not be a full-court press event, even with Retina displays on the iMac. We’re hearing third-party developers are prepping to be featured at this event as well.

An October “music” event might tie in nicely with a smaller iPad, and Apple got the refreshed iPod lineup out of the way in September. The possibility of developers showing off could mean Retina-ready Mac software or tuned-for-a-smaller-iPad-screen apps. We’ll have to see what happens in a few days.