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Seamless App Helps You Sync Your Listening Between Devices

Seamless iOS app
Seamless is a fresh new iOS app that solves a problem we’ve all met: you’re in front of your Mac, listening to some amazing music, and you have to get up and leave.
You could find the same song on your iPod or iPhone, and start it again there. You could even try to scrub through it to the same point in the song. Either way, the mood is lost.
Seamless moves your music (or podcast) from one device to the next, well, um, seamlessly. One click, and the Mac sounds fade out while the mobile ones fade in.
Here’s the (almost obligatory these days) amusing intro video by Adam Lisagor:
There’s only one catch (which is obvious when you think about it): the music you move has to be on your iOS device already, otherwise things won’t be very seamless.
Seamless costs one dollar and you can get it on the iOS App Store now. You’ll also need the companion Mac OS X application, which is free. You’ll find that in the Mac App Store.