Second Utah Apple Store seen in job listings

Utah is home to many stunning natural wonders, and soon it will be home to not one, but two Apple stores. Job listings spotted by ifoAppleStore reveals the Cupertino company may open a second retail store in the Fashion Place Mall located in Murray, Utah by the end of the year. This second store will be a mere eight miles away from Utah’s flagship Gateway store located in downtown Salt Lake City.
Though eight miles is a relatively small distance for a state as big as Utah, the choice of Murray as a home for a second store is driven by demographics. Though Murray itself is relatively small with 34,000 residents, the Fashion Place Mall is located in a prime retail district that boasts of over 875,000 area residents whose average salary is $76,098. It is also physically situated on an intersection with vehicle traffic of over 174,000 cars per day. Sounds like a good place to sell a lot of MacBook Airs and iPad 2s, no?