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Shanghai Apple Store is now a ‘public phone booth’?

The iconic structure above is the flagship Shanghai Apple Store, unveiled to the masses in July last year. Photos of pre-construction already excited Apple fans worldwide, awaiting its eventual unveiling back then. You can take a look at the gallery of photos we posted of the July launch, but then again, that’s not the point…
The main point of this post is, the above iconic structure has become a ‘public telephone booth’ for some Chinese out there. The Apple Store in Shanghai is just like any Apple retail stores around the world, allowing customers to try the Apple products any way they like. Of course, you can try an iPhone in the store, and make calls with it.
The Shanghai Apple Store allow customers to make any calls, and that includes international calls, with absolutely no time limit. What a shame. Question now is, is this possible in other Apple Stores around the world, or only ‘by the Chinese, for the Chinese’?