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Should I renew MobileMe?

Dear Aunt TUAW,
So my MobileMe account is expiring on the 15th, but the rumors are all abuzz about the possibility of Apple launching MM as a free service in April. Sure, they’re usually pretty good about giving some sort of refund or iTunes store credit if you’re in a window just before they do something drastic, but I don’t want to pay $99 now for $50 on iTunes in a month.
Does your weather sense tell you free is really on its way, or should I bow to breaking my piggy-bank for uninterrupted service?
Your nephew Dan, the “Mobile Maybe”

Dan, sweetheart,
It comes down to this. If you like MobileMe and use MobileMe, just cough up the cash and get MobileMe. Just buy it, use it, love it. You might even be able to pick it up at a nice discount on Amazon or eBay.
Because if Apple pulls some free stuff thing where you end up the loser, all the Aunties at all the Apple-themed and gadget blogs will be very loud and insistent about making sure that people like you aren’t punished for being a good customer.
Trust us.
We blog for a living[1],
Love & kissies,
Auntie T.
[1] That’s the new “Trust us, we work for the government” ironic statement. Cute, isn’t it?

[via TUAW]