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Skitch Now Available in the Mac App Store

For many, Skitch has become the Swiss Army Knife of screen capturing on the Mac platform. Allowing you to import and export almost any type of image file and draw, color, write, type, or otherwise annotate your images, it’s no wonder that Skitch has quickly become a go-to tool when dealing with screenshots.
Previously, Skitch was feature-limited unless you used their application subscription model. But now you can purchase the application from the  Mac App Store at a fixed price point, giving you a third option to consider when choosing the application.
Skitch now has three price points for you to choose the right set of features for your screen capturing needs:
Free – The free version allows you to get all of the basic screen capturing features and basic access to
Mac App Store – This $9.99 application gives you access to all of the basic and extra application features, but limits you to the basic access [Mac App Store Link].
Plus (Subscription) – The $19.95/year subscription gives you the basic and extra application features, but also gives you extra features, including ad-free browsing, extended upload, unlimited image sets, and coming soon, viewer statistics.
Last year, Skitch revamped their web service to include many new features similar to those found on Flickr, except tweaked for screenshots. You can now create image sets to store multiple screenshots in, browse without ads, upload from the web, add favorites, and more.
You can find out more information about Skitch and the various versions of their application by visiting the comparison page on their website. You can also check out their application in the Mac App Store.