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Softbank to replace iPhones lost in Japan’s earthquake, tsunami

In the midst of an overwhelming catastrophe, Japan’s wireless carrier Softbank is stepping up to the plate to help many of those affected by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son recently traveled to Tamura, a city that is serving as a refuge for those devastated by the tsunami and Fukishima nuclear disaster. Son was moved by what he experienced and offered to buy food, pay for commuting costs and provide jobs for 1,200 people to relocate to Takeo, Saga.
Son also reached out to his Twitter audience and asked for suggestions on how Softbank could help additional earthquake victims. One follower suggested Softbank offer free phone service to those children orphaned by this disaster. Son embraced this idea and announced on Twitter that Softbank will provide orphaned children with a free phone and free cellular service until they turn 18. Softbank also offered to replace iPhones for customers whose handset was lost or damaged in the earthquake.
It is refreshing to see a company put aside financial considerations and use its resource to help fellow countrymen. Let’s hope this move by Softbank will inspire other companies to follow suit.
[Via Engadget]