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Some early-bird Verizon iPad 2 customers still waiting for shipments

Several Verizon customers who tried to order an iPad 2 directly through the telco giant are still awaiting their shipments. Considering the worldwide shortage of iPad 2 units that might not sound like a big deal at first, until you hear the second half: many of these customers ordered the iPad 2 on its first day of availability and still haven’t received one.
According to the rather lengthy forum thread linked above, these Verizon customers were promised either next-day or 2-3 day shipping for their iPad 2s, but more than two weeks after launch day, many of these orders still haven’t shipped. This hasn’t been the case for all launch-day Verizon customers, but it’s become enough of a problem to gain widespread attention.
Citing sources within Verizon, Crunchgear claims the shipping window from Verizon was always 2-3 weeks and has since been extended to 3-4 weeks. This is the same shipping delay as that on Apple’s website. What’s rankled many of these Verizon customers is not just that their orders have been delayed out much longer than they were promised, but that Verizon has charged many of these customers for their orders well in advance of those orders actually shipping.
Verizon has not commented on the matter, but even if it does so, it’s unlikely it’ll be able to do much to fix the situation to everyone’s satisfaction. Demand for the iPad 2 has vastly outstripped supply almost everywhere, so those few unfortunate Verizon customers finding themselves in this mess have little recourse, sadly.