Sony: We’re Not Ditching iTunes

Sony’s been making some noises lately suggesting that if their new Music Unlimited service takes off, they might ditch iTunes once and for all. Lest there be any doubt, though, that this is a fanciful fever dream that depends upon the digital equivalent of a pig sprouting wings and leaping majestically into the sky, Sony Network Entertainment COO Brandon Layden says that Sony won’t be ditching iTunes after all.
“Sony Music as I understand it has no intention of withdrawing from iTunes, they’re one of our biggest partners in the digital domain. I think those words were either taken out of context or the person who spoke them was unclear on the circumstances,” Layden said.
Sony’s right to back pedal here. Sony might resent the pusher, but Sony Music is still undeniably addicted to the income generated from iTunes, and right now, the idea that Music Unlimited could replace iTunes is laughable… not least of which because Music Unlimited is, in fact, extremely limited: a subscription service plan that can’t actually be accessed from a mobile device, but only works upon the PlayStation 3, Bravia networked television sets and Sony’s line of Blu-Ray players.