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Speck sues to combat counterfeit iPhone cases

The iPhone case business is big; so big, in fact, that a number of manufacturers are having problems with counterfeit cases being sold as their own products. We’ve previously heard of counterfeit Mophie battery cases, and OtterBox just recently announced that it has been battling bogus copies of its protective cases. Now Ina Fried at All Things D reports that Speck Products is suing a Utah company that has been selling fake Speck cases.

The company that is the target of the Speck action is Katinkas USA. Speck has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, accusing the company and its CEO of unfair business practices and copyright and trademark infringements. Not only is Speck asking for millions in damages, but injunctions against the company as well.

The suit discloses that Katinkas USA was selling the faux cases on, with Speck actually purchasing goods through Amazon that were found to be counterfeit. At that point, Speck worked with Amazon to find the source of the cases and all the evidence pointed to Katinkas USA.

Speck CEO Irene Baran says that the company wants to work with other accessory manufacturers to combat counterfeiting, remarking that “I think we could pool our resources and make a concerted effort.”