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Spider Monkey Holster Hangs Almost Anything From Your Belt

Fact: wearing accessories and gadgets on your belt makes you look super cool – just like Batman. So if you buy a few Spider Monkeys, then your utility-belt cool-factor will shoot through the roof so fast that you’ll be sweeping up broken shingles for weeks.

The Spider Monkey comes from the folks who make the camera-holding Spider Holster, and it works with pretty much anything that isn’t a camera.

The lightweight Spider Monkey consists of a hook which loops onto your belt, and a velcro strap which wraps around your gadget of choice. The video and product shots are photo-oriented, so they show flashguns and light meters, but anything that you can strap into a velcro strip will do.

Once correctly prepared, a button on the strap slides into a channel on the belt-mount. I have used the heavyweight DSLR version of the Spider Holster and it’s rock solid, so I’d have no problem trusting a compact camera or my iPhone to this setup.

The range will launch soon, with the basic kit (belt-hook, strap) going for just $17. More accessories will be added, including lens pouches, a water-bottle holder and even a rain cover. No word on whether or not there will be a Batarang, but the water-bottle pouch should be good for a can Shark Repellent Bat Spray.