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Still using an iPhone 3G after 4 years

Still using an iPhone 3G after four years

Instead of succumbing to iPhone fever every time Apple announces a new version of the device, freelance journalist Peter Falck is still using an iPhone 3G. That’s right; not the 3GS, 4, 4S, or 5 — an iPhone 3G, which was first introduced to the world in July 2008. Falck got his in January 2009, and he’s still using it every day.

Falck loves the curved plastic back of the phone, commenting that “The aesthetics of the newer iPhone models might be nicer in comparison, but when it comes to actually holding and using the device it’s hard to beat the older, smoothly rounded design of the iPhone 3G and 3GS.”

He finds the slow speed of the device to be a blessing, “I love to write on the iPhone 3G because it forces me to write slower and I have to choose my words with greater care, similarly to how a lot of people prefer to write with pen and paper,” he said. Yet that same “feature” is also its biggest annoyance; “This forced limitation greatly annoys me when I really need to get an idea, a paragraph or other fragment of text out of my head fast.”

Although there’s a lack of apps that will run on the device, Falck is happy with what he can do, which includes IP telephony, email, and even watching videos. As he notes, It’s still the closest thing to a PADD from Star Trek that I have, and every day I feel like I’m living a little bit in the future. Four years, and counting.”

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