Study: iOS users ‘more valuable’ than Android users

Mobile advertising company Mobclix has released a study comparing the revenue generated from ad-supported free apps on both the iOS and Android platforms, and found that advertising on iOS was significantly more effective — sometimes yielding more than double the revenue — than on Android devices, making iDevice users more “valuable” to developers and advertisers. Although the study focused on popular apps with more than 500,000 downloads and/or two weeks spent in the top 10 downloads), the overall trend shows that “free” apps can often be just as profitable per user as paid apps, at least on the iOS side of the fence.

The study looked at three different types of apps — games, other entertainment and utility categories — and found that on average, an ad-supported app makes about $6.75 per user in revenue on iOS, compared to about $4.67 on Android. Utility applications were the most profitable on both systems, generating nearly $9.50 per user on iOS and $7.20 on Android; video games were the least effective, netting $4 per user on iOS and just less than $2 on Android. Non-game entertainment apps held the middle ground, generating $6.70 per user on iOS compared to $4.90 on Android.

The study did not attempt to explain either the great discrepancy between iOS and Android users or the differences in ad revenue between the categories.

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