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The award for ‘Most Impractical iPhone Case’ goes to…

iPhone cases need to do one thing and one thing only: Protect your extremely expensive handset from harm. If the case happens to look cool or offer some additional functionality, that’s really just a bonus. Now, if the case is also a full-sized replica of a lobster, well… we’re not quite sure if that’s a positive or a negative, to be perfectly honest.

The “Lobster Mobile Telephone Case” is a one-off design by Elliot Gorham. Gorham runs Noddy Boffin, a furniture design and concept shop in Victoria, Australia. The case itself is massive, goofy, impractical and almost entirely useless. But according to its description on Gorham’s website, that’s the point.

“Unlike the typical phone case, it doesn’t offer functionality of protection and style,” the blurb reads. “Its features include; camera incapability, ergonomically awkward, too big for your pocket or handbag and most importantly, its ability to cause its users embarrassment.”

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your outlook — the ridiculous case isn’t actually for sale, and Gorham doesn’t appear to have any plans to actually manufacture it on a large scale. That’s probably just as well, since we’d almost certainly pester our own Steve Sande for an in-depth review, which could lead to one or more of us being strangled.