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The new MobileMe Calendar now works with Outlook for Windows

Outlook users on Windows who have problems syncing their calendars with the new MobileMe Calendar web app will want to grab an updated MobileMe Control Panel for Windows, released yesterday. Version 1.6.6 of this tool provides compatibility with the new MobileMe calendar back-end in Outlook (Microsoft Outlook 2003,  2007 or 2010 (32-bit)  required for calendar sync). “This update fixes issues and improves reliability for the new MobileMe Calendar in Outlook”, Apple wrote in release notes.
MobileMe users who upgraded to the new Calendar backend are still unable to sync their upgraded calendars with Outlook for Mac and vice versa.
Unlike other Mac apps, the new MobileMe Calendar will stop using Sync Services beginning May 5, an Apple-made protocol that enables third-party applications to sync data with various devices.
Check out a handy chart below that lays out all possible syncing scenarios in plain English.