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The World’s Most Impregnable Laptop and Camera Bag


One type of bag was conspicuously missing from the lineup when Pelican released its ProGear line a few months back. There was a smorgasbord-like selection of tablet- and laptop-toting bags — but nothing for camera gear. Now Pelican has filled that space, integrating their vault-like case technology in the new S130 ProGear laptop/camera backpack.

The secret-sauce part of the backpack is its waterproof, crushproof laptop compartment — Pelican has basically taken one of their virtually impregnable cases and built a backpack around it. A quick scan of the compartment’s dimension shows that it should accommodate a 15’ MBP.

The photo-gear section doesn’t feature the waterproof/crushproof case tech, but the camera body pocket is protected by high-impact walls, and there’re memory-foam buffers to protect everything else. The S130 is also TSA-compliant, so you won’t have to remove anything when being processed by airport security.

Downsides? At $305, it’s a little pricey — even for camera bags, which tend to be expensive anyway. It’s also pretty heavy.