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Toddy Gear Screensters: Rescuing your screens from fingerprints

Many of the bloggers here at TUAW have young kids who have a tendency to smear all sorts of unmentionably bad things onto the screens of iPhones and iPads. Then there are those older kids (ahem…) who can’t put away our iPads when we’re eating a meal. Never fear, Toddy Gear Screensters(US$9.99) are here to rescue your screens from fingerprints and other glop on your device screens!

Toddy Gear has been making some amazingly good screen cleaning cloths for quite some time. They’re different from most of the other cloths on the market, using the tried-and-true microfiber cloth on one side, but adding a silk-like material on the other for polishing up the surface of your device. I’ve never needed to use a cleaning spray with a Toddy Gear cloth.

Screensters, however, aren’t cloths. Instead, they’re whimsical little plush characters with arms and legs designed to hang from a backpack or bag strap so that they can be used to wipe up messes in a second. If they get a little too gross after cleaning a few iPad screens, just toss ’em into the wash and they’re ready to get back to work again.

There are 10 different Screensters available, from the nerdy Biblio to 70s drop-out Harmonia. They’re designed from kids from 3 to 93, so don’t feel left out if you’re old enough to drive but still think Screensters are fun.