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Tokens for Mac makes App Store codes easy to make and track

If you’re an app maker, you already know the process of generating and distributing promotional codes for your software can be a bit of a headache. Apple’s default app management tool, iTunes Connect, isn’t exactly robust in its options for promo code distribution and tracking. A new application called Tokens aims to capitalize on iTunes Connect’s shortcomings by offering an easy tracking solution for app publishers.

Tokens lets you generate promotion codes for iOS or Mac apps from within the application itself, and then label each “token” with the name of the individual it was sent to. You can share tokens via Mountain Lion‘s sharing feature, or manually by copying and pasting.

Tokens then tracks activity on each promo code, updating you when it has been redeemed or alerting you to when it will expire. The application is slated to be released on November 20, but you can sign up for updates now via the official website.