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Top 5 budget and personal finance apps for iPhone

iPhoneMY checks out the best, most must-have budget tracking apps to help keep your personal finances in order on-the-go.

Top 5 budget tracking an finance apps for iPhone
There are a ton of great budget tracking apps in the App Store, but which ones are the financial best of the best? Which iPhone app should you be using to ensure you’ll always be within your monthly spending limit, always have that vacation fund ready and waiting, and always be on top of your overall finances?
Although the options are aplenty, we’ve narrowed the list down to the top 5 apps to help keep you focused on your spending and income levels without giving yourself too much of a headache. Read on after the break!


iReconcile is one of my favorite apps for staying on top of all my personal finances. It comes packed with a ton of great features including a built-in check register, extensive reporting and an online backup and sync service ($1.99/mo or $19.99/yr). Best of all, the app comes with a budget tracker tool that’s second to none, allowing you to drill down to yearly, monthly, weekly or even a daily budgeting.
Setting up a budget with iReconcile is quick and easy, with options to choose which categories and sub-categories should be included or excluded from your setup. Another useful feature for me is the rollover option, which lets your remaining funds for the month’s budget rollover into the next month’s budget without any user input whatsoever. Budgeting with your check register has never been easier, and with the amount of additional features iReconcile offers, I’d highly recommend giving it a try!
[$2.99 — iTunes link]


Expenditure is a gem of a budget & finance tracking app. It features effortless methods for adding new transactions and going over your allotted chunk of spending money, and comes with awesome features that were missing from some of the other apps I chose for this post. A good example is when adding a new transaction you’ll be presented with options for including a photo or a quick note, which effectively pushes the customizability and flexibility of your transactions beyond most basic budgeting apps.
The attention to detail in this app shouldn’t be overlooked — another great example is the built-in currency converter with a rather extensive list of supported currencies, making it easy to keep yourself on a budget when vacationing or out of the county.
[$1.99 — iTunes link]


If you’ve been on the hunt for a more feature-packed budgeting app then look no further than MoneyBook. It’s simple in nature, but looking a little deeper you’ll find a number of unexpected surprises. Entering a new transaction is a breeze, with flexible options for adding notes or affixing a specific category to individual transactions. In addition, MoneyBook has options to export your finances and also lets you password protect sensitive items you don’t want others to see. I didn’t see any graph or chart options, so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing which app is for you.
MoneyBook also comes with a free cloud backup service in case you lose your iPhone or just want to make sure your important transactions are stored somewhere other than on the device itself.
[$2.99 — iTunes link]


Speaking of the cloud… Need a secure, simple and intuitive way of keeping your finances in order while simultaneously taking advantage of that newfangled cloud technology everyone keeps talking about? Toshl delivers with a clean iPhone expense tracking app featuring a built-in (and free!) easy to use online syncing service. The app takes away the worry of losing your spending history by syncing everything — literally everything — to the cloud automatically after adding or updating a transaction, with manual sync options for those looking for a little more control.
In addition to a well thought out design, the developers offer great upgrade incentives such as multiple user support for family budgeting, added export options for Excel, PDF and Google Docs along with karma points for supporting the developers. You can either use the free service or upgrade to the Pro option for just $19.95/year.
[Free — iTunes link]


To describe Mint as a well-rounded and feature-rich finance service would be an understatement. In terms of budget tracking, it beats most apps out of the water with ease. Mint automatically updates your spending and transactions without any user input required. It does so by connecting directly to your bank account through Mint’s secure and award-winning online service. It keeps an eye on all of your spending and automatically categorizes your transactions in the background so you don’t have to constantly update your spending profile in order for the service to work for you.
You can add checking, savings or even your retirement account information for an in-depth overview of your spending and saving habits, and comes with added notification features so you never miss a bill or come too close to your spending limit. They’ll even notify you of any suspicious transactions they see!
Although Mint isn’t just for budget tracking, it does a superb job at it. Along with its many features, I see Mint as one of the best options out there for categorizing and tracking your spending while on the go. The service is free, so what are you waiting for?
[Free — iTunes link]

Your top budget and finance apps?

There’s a lot of other great apps out their for tracking and keeping tabs on your finances — each offering unique features other apps might have missed — so take a look in the App Store to see what fits your needs.