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Twitterrific updates brings iPad 2 camera support and much more

Twitterrific just received a huge update and brings many new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Username auto-completion when composing a tweet
  • “Report Spammer” option on user profiles (must not be following)
  • Tap and hold on a user’s avatar for quick access to report action
  • Support for media uploads & URL shortening
  • Camera support for iPad 2
  • Settings option to toggle Global Trends on/off
  • New Advanced settings
  • Keep scrolled to top (if already at the top)
  • Mentions by Strangers to limit mentions to only people you follow
  • Quick View to open links in Safari instead of in-app browser


  • Timeline views in pop-overs now color coded properly
  • Single tap and tap & hold actions re-organized for easier access
  • Single tweet view eliminated for faster access to tweet actions
  • iPad tap shortcuts: Double tap for conversation, triple tap to fave
  • Switching accounts now returns directly to the timeline for faster loading (iPhone & iPod)
  • Improved loading of multiple tweets in a conversation when selected
  • Automatic updating of the timeline while the app is left running
  • User profiles and lists appearances updated to “card style” to match the Mac
  • User profiles now include total number of tweets from a user
  • Text size settings now also affect text in the compose area and sidebar
  • Large font size setting is slightly larger
  • Improved error handling via new status bar notifications
  • Timestamps now update in real time
If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!
[Free, with in-app purchases – iTunes link]